In this book, former police officer Eric Basek interviews 5 military veterans and 4 police officers in an attempt to discover the common battles with post traumatic stress, from the events they experienced, through their deep personal struggles and into their internal recalibration efforts as they make strides towards healing. It provides the reader with an honest and unfiltered look at the internal monologue of men and women who are fighting the battles to recover and re-establish their identities. Discover their truth strength by witnessing their vulnerability with you, the reader.

To the Stay Safe Foundation

(Pictured: Exec. Director Amanda Basek)

Finding Purpose through Fitness

The Stay Safe Foundation

We believe that Community Based Fitness is the greatest tool for recovery from just about everything that ails you.

Shared suffering through physical exertion creates bonds and opportunities for growth that every police officer and military service member can recall from their basic training.

Through community based fitness events, keynote speeches, and peer mentoring, we aim to straighten the line to recovery for as many public servants as possible.

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